Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We're so glad when Daddy comes home...

Glad as we can be!

Melissa has been asking for her Daddy.....everyday.......many, many times a day!

Every time she hears a car pull onto our street she yells, "Daddy's home!"
In the morning she calls for Daddy to come get her. (Jonathan usually takes the kids in the morning. I got it soft, I know.)
She starts looking out the window for him when it gets dark.
During family prayer in the evening she asks for her "Daddy come home."

She is a real Daddy's girl.

Matthew has asked a few times, but he knows his Dad is coming home on Thursday.

Me, I really, really hoping he makes it back tomorrow morning. He's stuck in the Chicago airport. They're calling it the most snow since 1991. Great.

We all miss Daddy.

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