Saturday, February 02, 2008

Our kids are not introverts

I was talking with my friend Ben over lunch yesterday about extroversion. Ben is one of the most gregarious people I know, but he claims that he's not really an extrovert, because "If you put me in a cave for three weeks with my laptop and some books I would be fine. And productive. But a real extrovert, like my wife, would go insane without being around people." (Rachel agreed with this characterization of Jessica.) But he admits that he never feels the need to go recharge by himself after being around people too long.

Matthew is a full-fledged extrovert.

I got up early this morning (6:20) because I went to bed early last night with a headache. It was very pleasant, being alone in the dark and silence.

Then Matthew got up. He's been an incessant stream of chatter for half an hour. I've tried to deflect it with "uh huh" and "talk to Mommy when she gets up" but it is not working. I am being dragged out of my happy place.

Right now while I'm writing this:

"Do you like the songs? On Metroid? I like them. I like the songs on Metroid."

[10 second pause] "Can I have some lemonade? Can I pour myself some?"

[10 seconds] "Dad, sometimes when I slip, I put my hand down, and I don't get hurt."

[10 seconds] "When the fireplace is fixed, do you think we can turn it on?"

Melissa might be more in the middle. She enjoys chattering at us and her brother, but occasionally she will go "hide" behind the curtains in her room and play quietly by herself.

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