Sunday, April 29, 2007

The haircut

I cut my hair down to about 1/4 inch today, from about 6 inches. (Rachel: "It was more like 8 inches.")

Rachel: "I just realized that I liked you with long hair." (This after making it clear that she was Just Humoring Me until I came to my senses, the whole time it was long.)

Matthew: "I don't want a haircut like Daddy!"

Melissa: didn't say anything, but tried to apply the razor to her own hair. (Rachel stopped her in time.)

At least one of my family approves. Sort of.

Part of this complete breakfast

Rachel is prone to complaining, on occasion, about the nutritional value of what I sometimes serve our children for breakfast. Popcorn, for instance. Or chocolate cake. (The moist, dense kind, you know. The good kind.)

This morning though, I noticed the remains of her breakfast before she disposed of the evidence: a glass of orange juice and a chocolate bar.


Friday, April 27, 2007

Early to rise

Melissa has been getting up between 4:30 and 6 this week. Today was closer to 6. Daddy does not approve.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Little Mama

Matthew bosses Melissa constantly. "You're not Daddy," I tell him when I he does this inappropriately.

Now Melissa's getting in on the act. Matthew was climbing on the love seat, which he's not supposed to do. "Machew, mine!" she told him. [Matthew, mind!]

He got down, but objected, "Daddy, 'Lissa not Mama!" I agreed, and told Melissa so.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Quite contrary

We started potty training Melissa yesterday. It went pretty well except for the poop all over the hall. So I guess not really that well.

Today she didn't really want to cooperate. Didn't want to take pants off. Didn't want to get on the toilet. Didn't want to get off the toilet. Didn't want to put pants back on. Etc.

Now it's noon. 6 sittings on the toilet, no pee in the toilet, 3 wet pairs of underwear. Stubborn girl.

Maybe she'll be in a better mood after her nap.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


We got home last night and Melissa promptly put on a pair of Rachel's shoes. She clomped around a bit but apparently decided Daddy was insufficiently impressed. "Look dada!" she said. "Mama shoes!"

I'm actually a little bit dreading Melissa becoming fully articulate. It's a lot easier to tune out when they're unintelligible.

The wiggles

(No, not the Australian entertainers, although Matthew likes them too.)

When Matthew's bladder gets full, he has even more trouble holding still than usual. Instead of standing he practically dances. But sometimes he won't want to interrupt whatever he is doing with going to the bathroom, so his mom or I will have to remind him.

"But I don't need go pee!"

"You've got wiggles, Matthew! I can see that you need to go!"

And then he will go.

A couple weeks ago I took the kids to the Kneader's drive-through to pick up dinner. Kneader's is Rachel's favorite sandwich place, and in the running for her favorite restaurant period. But they are also perhaps the slowest drive-through in Salt Lake Valley.

Shortly after placing our order, Matthew announced, "I need go pee!" "Patience," I advised. "We'll just pick up the food, then go home, and you can pee." A couple minutes passed. Matthew squirmed. "I GOT WIGGLES!" A few more minutes. Some grunting and much more squirming. Frustrated, he finally yelled, "STUPID PENIS!"

I gave up on the drive through and pulled into a parking spot, then took Matthew inside to pee. We picked up our drive-through order on the inside that night.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Matthew Makes Lunch

So today didn't start out so red hot... Matthew and Melissa both had a serious case of the grumps (the whiny, stomping around, kind of grouchiness). Grumpiness is infectious and pretty soon I was feeling grumpy too. Not only that, but the mess level increased dramatically. Every time I turned around someone had spilled, ripped, dropped, or scattered something. To top it off, Matthew was careless in the bathroom and missed to toilet in favor of his clothes, shoes (which he isn't supposed to wear indoors anyways), and the floor. I couldn't help him since I was attending Melissa's needs and told him to put the clothes in the hamper and wipe up the mess. He did. About an hour later I noticed baby wipes in MY toilet bowl in MY bathroom. Apparently he decided to use my bathroom when he had an accident.

It was time to go outside. Sunblocked, shod, and hatted, we went outdoors. The lettuce needed to be planted anyways. So we planted lettuce, swiss chard and flowers. This year I made a 5'x5' raised bed for Matthew's garden. He is immensely pleased to have his "own garden" in which he picks what goes it it. "I can do it all by Myself, Mama." Attitudes greatly improved and Matthew decided it was lunch time. Melissa wasn't done helping me plant the sunflowers, so Matthew dashed off announcing he was going to make lunch. "Sure, you can pick out what you want for lunch," I said absently.

About 10 minutes later he had prepared 2 plates of fruit that he'd cut up himself. He cut some strawberries and put them in a glass juice cup, cut three sections of bananas, 3 blueberry muffins, and 2 oranges not cut up but in 2 more juice glasses. (Apparently he had tried to peel an orange as evidenced by a mangled pulp on the counter but decided against serving it).

He was so proud of himself.
"I make lunch all by myself." "You like it Mama?" he asked several times, and I assured him I did. "Lissa, Mama like Matthew's lunch!" "I'm a big boy and can do it all by myself." We ate lunch outside per his request.

I asked him if he wanted some cheese too.
"That not part of my lunch. I made lunch."
"Well then how about after lunch as a snack?"
So we had cheese (always trying to sneak some protein down those two) and then popsicles. A very successful (and sticky) lunch.

Now they are napping. The baby wipes are still floating in the toilet, the counters are sticky, and the laundry needs to be done. Yet it is so peaceful.

Monday, April 16, 2007

No, David!

One of Matthew's favorite books is about this kid David who gets into a lot of trouble. The text mainly consists of the words "no" and "David." At the end it shows that his mother still loves him despite his mischief.

I read the book twice with a kid on each side today. Melissa liked the book as well. When I finished, she glommed onto the book and began reading herself. Only she did a little editing...

Prattle, prattle, NO Matthew!
Jabber, jabber, Matthew no, no, no!

Ronald McDonald House and Breastfeeding

I ordinarily don't posts links to other sites...and I like to keep this blog primarily about M&M, but this really raised my dander.

Apparently the Ronald McDonald House asked the mother of an ill toddler (recovering from a brain tumor) to not breastfeed in any communal areas or to leave the house. Why? Because there are people of many "cultures" there who may be offended by a nursing mother and baby. Bottlefeeding is perfectly fine though. So this poor mother of twin babies is required to trek 3 flights of stairs to her room everytime her ill baby needs to nurse. A sick babe nurses alot, like a newborn. The whole situation is simply outrageous. A sick baby in particular needs the antibodies passed through breastmilk. I am also curious which cultures forbid breastfeeding. Even the Saudi women who are covered head to toe think nothing of nursing in public. I have seen pictures of a black clad figure with a bare breast and babe attached whilst in public. I might add that I've seen many nursing American mothers with little to nothing showing at all. Got me thinking about all the places I've nursed my babies. Never have I been asked to leave.

(I discreetly nurse and rarely has anyone been the wiser. Can't even recall the number of times someone has asked have a closer look at the baby, unaware that the baby was eating!)

*edited to add: discreet does not mean a big 'ol blanket draped from neck to waist. I tried that a few times with my first and not only does it advertise exactly what you are doing, but he'd constantly pull the blanket off! Complete opposite of discreet.

Places I have nursed:

On an airplane
at church
at the park
the zoo
the bookstore
many resturants
the grocery store (slings are wonderful- can push a shopping cart and feed baby at the same time!)
the library
doctor's office
on a tram
while watching a parade
on a hike in the mountains
while cooking
at the movies
during a concert
at an orchard
in the city
in the country
various museums
and on....

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Matthew was a little grumpy.

"Matthew, go eat your eggs at the table," his mom told him.

"Rrr! You making me rude!"

"No, you came that way naturally."

Matthew the dietician

We were looking at our flickr photos last night. We came to a picture of one of Rachel's cousin dinners. Matthew got really excited: "There Mama! There Matthew! There 'Lissa! There Uncle Will! There Aunt Heather!" He paused. "Aunt Heather can't lift me up. She not strong enough. She need eat more broccoli."

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Originally Written for the Cousin Chronicle

Since we have a little boy who loves trains, it's become a tradition to do something train related the Saturday before Easter. One year we went up north where this hobbyist has a museum and working passenger train on his property as well as many smaller model trains. They had an Easter egg hunt at that time too. Matthew had a ball. This year we rode the Heber Creeper. Matthew was soo excited. He composed a song especially for the occasion that he sang while "cleaning" his room.

When we got on the train Matthew and Melissa both had the biggest grins. This was their first actual train ride so we had to investigate the entire length of the train many times. (Up and down through the passenger cars, the snack car, the open car, the caboose, the observation deck, ect.) The train blasted its horn at various intersections. This dismayed Matthew who covered his ears, but Melissa just grinned and said "Toot toot!" I think she is used to noisy things being the younger sister of a very loud brother.

We went on the 90 minute ride which is the shortest one. It was just long enough for the kids to enjoy without the novelty wearing off. Afterwards we met with an old friend of mine from WA for hamburgers at the "Dairy Keen." The resturant was train themed with a little train table to play with, and the shakes...just divine! I'm starting to drool on the keyboard thinking about them. It's just as well that we don't live in Heber though- the shakes were 14% cream...

Easter morning the kids went on a hunt with the Galbraiths, friends of ours. Lest any cousins think we're prolific, these guys have us beat hands down. They've been married 5 years and have 4 kids under the age of 4. Yup, they're busy. Raising kids, I mean. So anyways, the kids cleaned up the eggs in record time this year. (And virtually had a breakfast of jelly beans and chocolate despite our efforts. So far they don't show signs of permanent damage so I guess once a year is all right.)

At church the music was especially beautiful and Matthew was so good through the service. Melissa was patient through about half of sacrament meeting. What I heard on forgiveness and kindness was wonderful. Jonathan says the rest of the meeting was good too, but I was baby walking in the halls at that point. I also got tapped to teach Matthew's primary class, again. Knowing the class has a serious case of wiggles, I decided to use the Easter story egg hunt. (Thanks Mom!) Jonathan hid the eggs outside before class. The hunt was a hit, with only 1 scrapped knee to bandage. Pretty good. I think the kids even learned something about Jesus and the resurrection.

All in all a great Easter.

An email from Matthew

Mama and Daddy and Matthew and Melissa are my family.

Matthew has lots of friends.

[At this point Matthew suggested I write about flowers, but I was unable to discover what exactly. Finally he suggested I write about "something else."]

Matthew likes Emma and Nick and Sister White.

["There more stuff I want in my email."]

We went on a train.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Matthew Song

This morning I heard lots of splashing and singing coming from the bathroom. Matthew was "styling" his hair and had composed a special piece on hygiene just for the occasion.

Wash my hands and face
That's what I do after
I poop and pee in the toilet
Wash my hands
Wash my hands
Because, because
I like styling my hair
Styling hair is fun with a brush
In the bathroom I comb my hair
Styling hair
Styling hair

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Like Matthew, like Melissa?

Like most older brothers, I suppose, Matthew is a profound influence on Melissa. I could write paragraphs and paragraphs on this subject, but I think I can sum it up much more concisely: of all the toys in the house, the only one Melissa calls by name is, "Buzz." [Lightyear]

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A Matthew song

Matthew is singing as he cleans his room. At least, he's supposed to be cleaning his room. I'm kinda scared of checking.

We're going on train
We're going on train
Why we are not going on airplane?
Why we are not going on airplane?
Because, because
Tomorrow is Easter!
I so happy tomorrow is Easter
I like surprises [presents]
I so happy Momma Dadda take care of Matthew
I so happy we're going on train
My ow feels better
On my finger, my ow feels better

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Marshmallow warfare

Today we had the Cassler clan over to listen to conference. Matthew was dancing with excitment ever since he heard that they would be coming. He grew most impatient when they didn't arrive first thing in the morning. "I'm having a hard day. I tired of waiting!!!" When they did arrive he whopped with delight. "THEY'RE HERE!!!" The Casslers have 4 boys and beautiful Eve. So it was a fun filled (busy) morning.

We had crepes for breakfast, and after conference the boys assembled marshmallow guns. Earlier I cut the pvc pipe and put the connecting joints into bags so each boy had a kit. The boys had a grand time with them. What a great cheap toy! Mostly they tried to see how far they could shoot. However there were a few friendly skirmishes and some snipper shooting. Since the war took place outside, I didn't have to clean any sticky marshmallow ammo. Good times!

Rock Walk

On a walk this evening, Melissa stopped by every yard to admire the rocks. Our neighborhood has a lot of rocks. "Rah'! Rah'! Rah'!" She's so pleased with being able to name things.

Her vocabulary has taken off in the last couple weeks. A couple nights ago she tried to point the moon out to her mom. ("Moo!") Rachel didn't understand; we didn't know she knew that word. So Melissa clarified: "Ih sty!" [In the sky!]

Also on the walk today, Melissa navigated a retaining wall by the sidewalk. She was very pleased with her balancing skills. "A' me! A' me!" [Look at me!]