Monday, February 28, 2011

Matthew the Teacher

Matthew really likes origami, so much so that he volunteered to give a lesson to his cub scout pack. He was very excited for weeks in advance, and spent several hours planning his lesson and examples.

That night, he was ready.

When he came home I asked how it went. "It was great mom!" And that was about all he said. I received a call later from his scout master who was very, very impressed by how well he did. We were told that he was very well prepared. That he had 40 minutes and he filled the whole time with 2 projects, had his finished samples displayed, helped the boys who needed assistance, redirected those that got distracted, and was very patient. Apparently all the boys had a good time and each completed a folding eight point ninja star and a rabbit.

The primary president called Matthew a natural teacher. He certainly has had plenty of practice trying to teach his sister things; with varying amounts of patience and mixed results, I might add.

This took place back in January, but I was reminded of it during the Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet recently where he received recognition for his lesson. Good job, son!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melissa helps

Matthew had to create a poster on the Smoky Mountains for school.

In the middle of his project he left the table briefly. While he was gone Melissa decided to "help."


Fortunately poster paper has two sides.


Matthew was initially pretty ticked with her, but was able to see the humor later. He even showed off his sister's work at the end of his presentation to the class.

Our little monkey!

Melissa asked if she could climb up the side of the swing set.

Skeptical, Jonathan responded, "Well, you can try."


This to the daughter who climbed out of her crib at 14 months.


When it comes to climbing, there is no try.

Dinner and a show

Dinner and a show
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Rachel cut Matthew's hair after dinner. Isaac was fascinated. He pushed a chair over so he could have a front row seat. A great show!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Workin' it

Matthew dotes on Isaac. Issac is his brother. It has at least as much to do with being far enough apart in age that Isaac isn't seen as a rival in the same way as Melissa, but in Matthew's mind, it all comes down to both being boys.

Isaac is figuring out how to take advantage of this.

Tonight, Matthew was setting up a game of Starcraft with me, but while he let it start up Isaac came over and banged on it a bunch. When Matthew came back it was restarting and giving him some kind of "Windows is running repair" message. I guess Isaac hit the power button; it glows seductively.

Matthew was pissed.

"Isaac!" he yelled, "I'm going to play a game with Dad! Now I have to wait for this to start up again!"

Isaac came over with a hangdog look and put his arms around Matthew.

Matthew was unable to stay angry at the two year old hugging him. "Isaac, just don't do that again, okay?"

(For the record, when we finally got to play, we won.)

Monday, February 21, 2011


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Isaac didn't want to eat dinner tonight until he took his fruit salad to his own table.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Isaac is eating a box of Cracklin' Oat Bran

No, not the cereal. The box.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Isaac needs to check out every rock on the trail

There are a lot of rocks.


Melissa to one of her friends: "Take off your shoes; it's the LAW!"

Friday, February 04, 2011


Last night we had an ice storm followed by a quarter inch of snow. Snow! In San Antonio? I got an automated call at 6:30 saying the schools were closed due to the weather. All of the freeways were shut down as well. They do NOT know how to drive in winter weather here, so just as well.

Matthew and Melissa were delighted. The first thing they wanted to do when they got up was go play in the "snow." I made them eat breakfast and get dressed first. Just before 8 AM a whole gang of kids came pounding on our door wanting to know if Matthew and Melissa wanted to play. Oh yes they did!

Matthew sledding down the driveway:

It was pretty icy so he had a nice slick ride.

The kids had a "snowball" fight, found lots of big icicles, and each made snowball to save in the freezer. Periodically they came in to change mittens before going outside again.

The snow all melted by mid-afternoon, but they had a ball while it lasted.

And to think it was 80 degrees on Monday...


Isaac moved into Matthew's room earlier this week.

Matthew initially had quite a few reservations about the transition. Isaac, on the other hand, was thrilled.

Later that night I checked in on them and found them both in the bottom bunk, snuggled up next to each other.

Last night Isaac fell out of the bed and onto a mattress on the floor. He woke up unhurt, but very unhappy. I went into the room a few times to pat his back, but he was having none of that, so I left. Matthew helped settle him down and was so patient with him.

Big brother, little brother, they are good for each other.