Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Visiting the Midlady

(In Matthew-speak) Yesterday I had prenatal appointment the midwife. I always like going. It is a bit of a milestone marker for me. Now the baby is past 12 weeks, now 16 etc. Plus the visits are laid back with plenty of time to chat and listen to the baby. Last visit I didn't bring the crew and the midwife seemed somewhat disappointed that I'd left them behind. This time I brought them with, but with some trepidation. A few weeks before I tried to bring them to a LLL meeting and was absolutely mortified by their behavior. (We left early). I am happy to report that they mostly did pretty well. Matthew was good, Melissa was a little bit cranky (I think she is still recovering from lack of sleep). The midwife's office is well equipped for kids though. She has legos, puppets, videos, and all kinds of toys for little people.

I debated all the way there whether I wanted to listen with the doppler. Last time I really wanted to hear the little one because I had several occasions of spotting and had been so sick in December. Baby's heartbeat wasn't being picked up by the doppler at 12+ weeks, so the midwife did a quick ultrasound, and there he or she was! Very cool to see. This time I thought, well, I know there is definitely a baby there, and since I'm a low tech gal, maybe we don't need to listen with the doppler. (I try to limit my little ones' exposure from all kinds of things unless strictly necessary). However, we got there and I decided that I still really, really wanted to hear the heartbeat. I'm a sucker for the little hoof beat galloping sound. It's very reassuring, and fun to listen to too. :) Probably when I can feel baby rolling and kicking around it won't be such an issue. Plus later on a fetoscope can be used if I so desire. Melissa laid next to me on the exam table during this. She lifted up her shirt for the midwife to feel the "baby" in her tummy.

Speaking of Melissa, she has put in her vote for a "pink" baby sister. Matthew on the other hand really wants a baby brother because "sisters are trouble."

The baby is growing. I am growing. Eek! My body takes the Costco approach to pregnancy: better pick up an extra 10 gallons of olives, ya never know when you'll need them!

At any rate the lab results all came back great, I am healthy, babe appears to be healthy.

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