Sunday, July 26, 2015

Band Camp

The first week of this summer I got to stay at UT over night for five days during a band camp. On Sunday I didn't play much , but I auditioned for which band I would be playing in. I got second chair in 4th band. Because I stayed over night, I got extra free time with the other people and signed up to go to the museum the next day. I was a little cautious, because the museum costed money, but when I asked, the Counselor said it was free..........

Monday we practiced with our band and got used to our schedules. I met a new friend named Adam, and I had found out that a friend of mine was going to the same camp! His name is Eddie, and we lost contact several months ago.
Coincidentally we had signed up for the same thing! So after five hours of practice, we went to the museum. The camp director was there. After role call, he announced that unfortunately the museum DID cost money. So instead we got to tour the Longhorn Campus. -_- After 15 to 20 minutes, we just went to the dorms because it was to stink'n hot.
When we got there (another 10 minutes) Eddie then showed off that he can solve a Rubik's cube, and I got little jealous. So I asked him if he could teach how to solve one. He said yes, but we didn't start until Tuesday.
Each night there is a special activity (except for Tuesday, and if there was one it wasn't very memorable.). Monday was "dorm night". We went back to the dorms early and stayed there the rest of the night. Lights out at 10:30. I goofed off with some friends on another floor. But some boys had some of that spray ax deodorant stuff, and became known as the Ax bombers. They sprayed it EVERYWHERE, and it continued thought the week. One guy duct taped it open and through it in the elevator on Wednesday.

Tuesday was more or less the same, except Eddie and I signed up to go to the dorms where Eddie taught me how to solve a Rubik's cube. I got pretty far, and stayed up late that night to solve it. However I still didn't have all the algorithms memorized.

Wednesday was the same as Tuesday, Eddie taught me more on how to solve a Rubik's cube, so I could do it faster. That night was movie night. We watched Big Hero 6, and the mess afterwards was ridicules. After it was picked up, the camp director got up and told us that the girls could leave, and that the boys need to stay. About 10 minutes later when the girls finally left. The director addressed all the ax bombing that was going on, and told us that we weren't allowed to go to anyone else's floor. Period. Darn it. Eddie's is on the 3rd floor, and I'm on the 1st. Then he said that everyone on the first floor needed to right an apology letter to a person staying at the dorms with a dog who was scared to go out. All throughout the week my counselor kept on telling us how great we were (We were being pretty good), ESPECIALLY when you compared us to the other groups. And remember, we where on the first floor, so you can hear the floors above us. I asked my counselor, and he said that he had no idea what that was about. And the girls were also misbehaving a little. They were just smarter about not getting caught.

Thursday. All the new rules were in place. They didn't make much of a difference to how I did things, except I couldn't see Eddie. After practice I made the mistake of sighing up for extra practice time. I literally could not get a nice sound out, so I was very glad that I had borrowed Eddie's Rubik's cube.

Friday instead of free time we went to some sort of concert that the UT band was putting on. That night was the dance, and all the kids who liked Rubik's cubes gravitated to one corner. I hung out with them for a while, and then with Adam.

Saturday was the concert, and I overslept 5 minutes and missed breakfast, which was at 6:45. Thing is it wasn't my fault that I overslept, because when we got back from the dance it was 11:00. >:(
Dad came to watch the concert and picked me up. We had bar-b-q for lunch, and I went to bed extra early.

Monday, July 20, 2015

I learned how to solve a Rubik's cube a while ago and got a 2*2. I told Dad that there is a trick to 2*2's and showed him that if he keeps repeating certain steps then it would eventually solve. Then I showed him that it works, and asked him if he wants to try. Dad said yes, and I scrambled it.

Now when I showed him that it works, I "scrambled" the Rubik's cube first. I "scrambled" it so that if I do the steps it WILL, solve, but for Dad I didn't. So Dad sat there for a minute doing what I showed him until Mom interfered.  It was really funny, especially since Dad believed
my trick.

Friday, July 17, 2015

A couple blurry action shots from the park

(Photos taken 2015-07-17.)

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Tommy decided he's gotten over being scared of dogs

(Photos taken 2015-07-06.)

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Puyallup ward 4th of July party

(Photos taken 2015-07-04.)

Wildwood Park in Puyallup

I wonder how old this play area is. Everything is made of metal instead of plastic.

(Photos taken 2015-07-04.)