Wednesday, February 13, 2008

First Haircut...

While I blissfully dozed this morning...

Jonathan decided that his hair needed a buzz. He clipped his hair and then left the kit out on the table while he ran for a quick the shower. Melissa decided that her hair needed a trim too, and availed herself of the scissors. Naturally she whacked off the front part because that is what she can see/reach best! Let's just say that she needs a few more lessons before graduating from beauty school. I shudder to think of her skills unleashed on the innocent, unsuspecting public!

Later, Jonathan brought the kids in for scriptures and prayer. "Notice anything about your daughter?" "AHHH! Her HAIR?! Matthew did YOU leave your scissors out?" Matthew denied any responsibility and Jonathan relayed the story. Melissa was happily climbing on top of me seemingly oblivious to her mother's shock.

"I don't think this can be fixed... Oh poor hair!" Jonathan apologized for his lapse in judgment, but what can you do? The deed was done. If she were a boy we could just buzz her head.

After I kissed Jonathan goodbye for work he said, "I guess this means twice as much chocolate for Valentines!" I gave a half-hearted laugh.

I called a neighbor, Kristin, who has a salon in her basement and described our morning's adventures. She had us come right over. Melissa liked sitting in the big salon chair with the fish-covered hair cape.

She kept up a running stream of commentary during the entire process:
"My hair is broken. You fix my hair?"

"I have pretty blue eyes."

"Look! A TV!"

"My hair is broken. Too bad!"

"I try that?" (some bottled hair products)

"I have curly hair. You fix my hair?"

"I play now?"

Kristin cut the top part of her hair so the demarcation between the shorn and unshorn portions wouldn't be so painfully obvious. Then she gave the rest of the hair a good trim. She was amazingly good on such a wiggly target. Two year olds do NOT sit still as a general rule. When I mentioned how impressed I was, she laughed and said this was nothing. She used to work at a kiddie hair cut place. Some kids would scream and thrash through the whole procedure.

Our neighbor said that on the bright side Melissa has curly hair that can kind of cover up the bare patch. Most people wouldn't even notice. On the down side I couldn't help but notice. No longer is she the girl with the curls on her forehead. Sigh. I'm sure that this is the first of many hairstyles and cuts Melissa will inflict on her head that I won't be thrilled with.

I'm thinking of getting some fat stretchy headbands with bows to cover things up a bit. But then again she'd probably just pull them off.


I wasn't expecting Jonathan home until late because he has a Python (it's a programming language) users meeting in Salt Lake that he heads. He usually goes from work straight there. Hence, I was very surprised when he walked in shortly after 5 with the largest bouquet of long-stemmed red roses that I have ever seen. They are absolutely huge! And stunning! He also gave me 2 lbs of dark chocolates. Wow! I asked if he was afraid I was mad at him. "Well, I figured that now I had 2 reasons to get flowers and chocolate." Sweet man! I wasn't mad, (FYI) but I'll sure take the flowers and chocolates!

So an interesting day. :)

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