Sunday, February 17, 2008

Everyman report

I mis-set my alarm last night and instead of taking a 20 minute nap at 11, I slept for 3 hours. So I called that my core sleep for the day. I felt pretty groggy until my 7:00 nap, after which I felt pretty good, around 90% mental capacity. Didn't really feel sleep deprived all day; naps at 12 and 5.

Now I'm proceeding with my original plan, having core sleep from 3 or 4 until the kids wake me up around seven. This appeals to me because I like waking up next to Rachel, and she doesn't want me in the room with her if my alarm is going to go off.

So I napped at 11 and now I'm holding out until 3 before going down for core sleep. I was okay for a bit but now I have to say I'm pretty wasted. Mental capacity: 40%? I did some light programming earlier after Rachel went to bed (I optimized my xml-based template generator by adding a pre-processing phase that cuts the amount of evals during the main phase by half -- see, I told you a few blog entries ago that when I work on a project that I can take pictures of, I have to jump at it because most of my work is just that... interesting) but now my brain is stuffed with cotton. I think I will watch some starcraft videos.

(What, you didn't know you can download videos of Korean professional starcraft matches from the comfort of your own sofa? Ha.)

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