Thursday, February 07, 2008

That's MY kid!

Warning: this is a bragging parent post. :)

Matthew really likes his preschool teacher and even drew a picture of himself and his teacher to give to her.

I called her up today to see how she thought Matthew was doing with his speech and in class in general. We've had him in speech therapy for the last several months with a break in December. I think he's improved considerably. He's making sounds that he couldn't make at all before.

His teacher, Ms. Jan, said that he was doing very well and was easy to understand except when he got to speaking too quickly. When he slows down he enunciates clearly.

She then went on to say that she thinks he going to be a writer. He comes up with all kinds of stories and has a fantastic imagination. He also asks lots of questions and loves to soak up information. She also pointed out that his penmanship is coming along nicely and he does a beautiful job with his name. (They practice writing their names everyday and his writing is very clear.)

Ms. Jan says that they have been working on reading 3 and 4 letter words and that he another kid seem ready for easy readers, so she is going to have them work on those separately from the rest of the class starting next week.

Socially, she says he is doing great too. Matthew is a leader and independent thinker. He plays well with the other kids and is well liked, but also has his own ideas about things and expresses them. He accepts defeat well (!) and is quick to tell the other team "good job" when they beat his team. Ms. Jan told me that he stays on task and is just a very pleasant kid to have in her class.

Wow! Maybe we're doing something right. Or maybe we're just lucky.

Either way, that's MY boy!

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