Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Votes are In

Yesterday Jonathan asked Matthew and Melissa what they thought of a new brother or sister.

Matthew: I want a brother!!

Melissa: I wan' a sister!!

Pretty sure that we'll have one or the other. :)

Jonathan has dreamed of a little girl. I have too, but my dreams are mostly weird so I usually discount them. Anyways in my dream I was having mild contractions (wouldn't that be great!) lying on my side, and mostly dozing alone on my bed. All of a sudden I feel a slippery baby body slide down my leg, and there she was, all 9 lbs 1 oz of her! At that point I called the midwife and Jonathan in the room. Such fun!

I also still dream about being in college and forgetting to drop a class that I didn't want to take, and then finding out about it just before the major paper for the class is due and the final exam. I HATE those dreams. I always wake up in a panic. For the record this has never happened.

I dream too of being a double agent in Putin's Russia. I have infiltrated the mafia/government and have invaluable info for the US government. In these dreams I am on the run, trying to flee Russia with many narrow escapes. My heart is always pounding upon waking from these dreams/nightmares too. Have I ever been to Russia? No. I don't read thrillers, so where in heck do those dreams come from?

I have lots of other wild dreams too, but after relaying them to Jonathan in the morning I usually forget them.

So no, I don't put much stock in my crazy dreams.

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Ellis said...

Merri's had a similar "false-dream." She was just talking with her sister, and a baby girl just came right out!
After the fact, we know 1. Kevin is a boy, and he DID NOT come right out.