Saturday, January 30, 2010

The princess party

Melissa attended the Disney Store princess party at 11:00 today. The run-up was grueling:

Melissa: "What time is it?" "9:30."
"What time is it?" "9:35."
"What time is it?" "9:38."
(And that's not even counting all the "is the princess party today? questions this week.)
At the party there were lessons (curtsying 101, princess posture, etc.), paper tiaras, a tea party, and cookies. Melissa was very pleased.



Saturday, January 16, 2010


* Rachel: "How festive! We have Matthew underwear on the stairs!"
* I'm sitting in the bathroom. Matthew knocks on the door: "Dad? Can I see what you're doing?" I suppose more creative people have multiple uses for a bathroom, but for me, it's pretty single purpose...
* Melissa: "Do you want a musical instrument that is a bass?" Me: "No. I don't know how to play one." Melissa: "You use a bow! Like this! [demonstrates bowing motion]"
* Matthew: "If Melissa bothers me, can I flip a spoonful of melted ice cream at her?
* Matthew, paging through the phone book: "Wow, there must be over a hundred people in San Antonio!"
* My father, here for the holidays: "You don't look as out of shape as I thought you would." My family is _all_ good at damning with faint praise.
* Rachel: "Matthew can't close one eye yet." Melissa: "I can close _two_ eyes!"
* Rachel: "Did you know you can buy agar and petri dishes on Amazon?" Uh-oh.
* Every morning now I play "move all the chairs to the living room so Issac can't use them to climb on the table." I hate that game.
* Isaac's job is to keep the house from getting too clean. He takes his work seriously: when he escaped from his high chair with yogurt on his fingers, he didn't just go over to a window and start whacking sticky handprints on it. No, he ran down the wall whacking each windowpane once. Then he went back and started on a second pass before I caught him.
* Isaac will answer "where's your head?" in French and English.
* Melissa, as I carried her to bed against her will: "You stupid dad!" They grow up so fast.
* I've done some complaining about the new office Rackspace moved us into. It's pretty spartan (bare cement walls, open seating, metal ceilings apparently _designed_ to spread noisse), but when Rachel visited she was pleasantly surprised: "Hey! you have carpet!"
* Me: "Do your parents know you're inviting Matthew over?" Matthew's friend: "My dad knows, and he's the boss." Matthew: "My mom's the boss. My dad's like the joker."
* Rachel and Matthew had a blast making slides of cheek cells today. They got some really clear views, "so clear even Daddy can see it!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Isaac Cleans Up

The floor receives a well-balanced diet three times a day curtsy of Isaac. More than once I've wished that we had a drain underneath our table and could hose the floor after a meal. Either that or just feed the kids in the bathtub.

Moping up the stickies. Isaac loves to help.
More playing with the the photos.