Sunday, August 28, 2005

The verbal peanut

Matthew is starting to string increasingly complex sentences together.

Today, for instance, we had a pillow fight on Dad's bed in the morning. It ended when Rachel called me away for something or other. When I came back I couldn't find the bed pillows. When Rachel lay down to nurse Melissa I had to bring one of the couch pillows in.

I figured the others would turn up, but they hadn't by the time we got back from church. "Matthew," Rachel asked, "where are Mommy and Daddy's pillows?"

He took off for the bedroom. Finding the door closed, he explained, "I hide Dada pillow bed." When the door was opened, he dove under the bed and retrieved the pillows.


We were reading a version of the scriptures for kids, and we came to a description of Jesus's birth: his mother was named Mary.

"Did you know your mama has a name?" I asked.


"What's Mama's name?"


I think he's kind of shaky on the whole "name" thing. He's heard me call for Rachel, and imitated it himself at times. I guess he doesn't really associate it with her as an identifier... just something that whacky Dad yells sometimes when he's looking for Mama.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Smile update

For the past couple weeks Melissa has greeted her dad with a half hour of smiles every morning. What a pleasant baby!

Here's a few.

Things you never thought you'd say

"Matthew! Stop licking the air vent!"

"If you finish your cake, I'll let you have some chips."

Friday, August 05, 2005

Doh work!

Rachel was going to blog this but it's been a week, so I'll give you my second-hand account.

Rachel took Matthew outside to play early one morning after I'd left. (At least I think it was morning.) He ran into the garage and got his orange plastic car. "Wawa tiss Mama! [kiss!] Wawa tiss baby! [kiss!] Wawa doh work!" and he scooted off.