Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stupid DMV

Drove to one "one the spot" emissions-safety-and-registration service place today. They were closed on Saturday. Drove to another. They informed me that my windows were tinted 7% too dark and I would have to get that fixed first.

I'd get all indignant about lawmakers with so much time on their hands they can bother passing laws against how dark my windows can be, but after reading how in the UK, you can't legally pay for your own medical care if the government system declines to pay it for you (to all the family pedants: yes, I realize it's a little more complex than that, but only a little), I don't have the energy.

USA: not as fubarred as the UK. Yet.

What a great motto.

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Butterfly said...

One really nice thing about FL besides the awesome winter weather: you can schedule an appointment with the DMV = no lines!! Amazing. Also, no emissions test, but I'm not so sure I approve of that even if it is less of a hassle.