Saturday, February 16, 2008

Everyman day 1

I'm trying something that I freely admit is a little bizarre: the everyman sleep schedule. Rachel is skeptical but I've read enough anecdotal evidence to think it's worth trying. A sustainable extra 3-4h per day would be pretty awesome. And if this actually works for me, Rachel will be pleased by the side effects -- virtually everyone agrees that a healthy diet is required to make this work.

I've wanted to try this for a while now and with my sleep schedule whacked out anyway from the all-nighter Thursday, I figure maybe this will be an easier time than most to adjust. Or maybe it won't. Nobody really knows. :)

Since Wednesday night I've slept about 8 hours. So far I feel fine, although I can tell my mind isn't up to anything challenging, like thinking about multithreaded state. I realized a long time ago that this kind of reasoning suffers a lot more for me than the verbal part of my mind when I'm short on sleep. Supposedly it takes a week or longer to go from being merely sleep deprived to adapted.

Also I feel colder than usual. Perhaps my metabolism is slowing. If I am still doing this Monday, I will hit the gym when it opens at 5:30. On Saturday it is closed at 7, at which point the kids will be up. Maybe I will take them with me today a bit later.

[written at 6 AM but blogger didn't post it then]

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