Sunday, May 23, 2010

The unavoidable conclusion is that they LIKE arguing

If Matthew and Melissa have nothing to argue about, they will invent something. Here they are in the car earlier:
Matthew: I'm diamond.
Melissa: I'm diamond too!
Matthew: No, you're metal. Diamond is stronger than metal, so I can break you.
Melissa: Noooo! I want to be diamond!
Matthew: Okay, you're diamond. I'm [thinks] everything in the world.
Melissa: I'm diamond!
Matthew: Yes, but since I'm everything I squash you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

California dreaming

Today I got back from 4 days in the San Fransisco bay area. It was a good trip for Riptano, but a long time away from Rachel and the kids.

Both customers and clients kept telling us that we should move to the bay if we're serious about this company. They have a point: we have about as many clients there, as everywhere else combined. But I had to explain that moving to the bay is not an option for me; Rachel's reaction ranges from "No" to "Hell, no." Probably we will either hire people there, or Matt will move.

We did several pitches to VCs, talked to a lot of clients, potential clients, advisors, and other users of Cassandra, and Friday I did a full day of training. (145 slides, a ton of whiteboarding, some live demos, eight hours to the minute.) I had very little time to type, so I'm terribly behind on code and reviews, but on the bright side my wrists feel terrific.

We're definitely at the point in our pitching that our slide deck is more a hindrance than a help. It would flow better to just whiteboard for an hour. Or, I suppose we could redo the deck but the time to do that has been in short supply. Still, I think it went well on balance, although as Josh said, "Until they give you a term sheet, it's all up to them. You're the girl, and you are waiting to be asked to the dance."

I got some good stories out of this trip, too. Like the lunch with a hotshot 27-year-old executive I will call S:
S: We totally got lucky hiring P. His old boss even called to congratulate me. P is awesome, even if he's kind of reached a plateau in his career. You know, married, kids, goes home at five every day...
Me: Yeah, he's probably in his thirties.
S: Yes, I think he is.
After pitching VC X one morning, we had VC Y scheduled later in the day. We hadn't realized they had offices in the same compound, but I had to deal with a client while Matt took the VC Y meeting, so I went to the lobby in the first building to plug in. While I was there, one of the partners from VC X came down the stairs on his way out (it was past 5:00) and saw me. "You're back?" "Well, Matt had a ... meeting, so I came over here while he did that." Awkward.

After another pitch, Matt wanted to talk in the car on the way to our next appointment:
Matt: Dude, the women in that office were smokin'.
Me: What are you talking about? They've all been hot.
Matt: Yes, but these were especially hot. The blonde in particular.
Me: I guess now that I'm married I don't pay attention to the fine distinctions the way I used to.
Finally, we had a dinner with the Riptano team last night.
Matt: You know, I don't think I've ever seen anyone argue with Ellis as much as Ben does. It's kind of fun to watch.
Matt D: Jonathan has a lot of strong opinions. Some of them are bound to be wrong.
Paul: Jonathan? Opinionated? I've never heard that before.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Biologist's Mother's Day Song

This is awesome! I adore geeky science stuff like this.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thoughts on Mother's Day

Saturday Jonathan took the older two out for a movie so Isaac and I had the house to ourselves. It was a golden opportunity to tidy up the homestead. I busied myself in my tasks while Isaac shadowed me from place to place. As I began to sweep up the millions of crumbs and assorted debris under the kitchen table, Isaac grabbed my broom. The broom is much too big and awkward for him handle and I was feeling impatient. Then I remembered the toy broom, found it, and traded him. He happily started swinging the broom around and scattering crumbs to the far corners of the dining room. I got out the dust pan, and showed him that the whole point of the exercise was to get the crumbs off of the floor and into the pan. Isaac crouched down and started picking up the crumbs one by one and placing them into the pan. He was so pleased to be "helping." Together we finished floor.

While he was doing that, I couldn't help but think how like toddlers we must be to God. Our "help" is so small for One who can order the cosmos. And yet I imagine He is pleased when we try to do his work, however imperfectly.

'Course life is messy and not always filled with those sweet moments...

Later that night, Melissa came downstairs complaining that her tummy wasn't feeling good. I thought she might be hungry since we had an early picnic dinner in the park. "Go have a slice of bread, then go back to bed." Next thing thing I heard was a loud and long SPLAT! It sounded like someone poured a full pitcher of water on the tile floor. Uh oh. I walked into the kitchen and saw Melissa surrounded by a huge puddle of vomit and still going strong. Once her tummy settled down for a moment, I scooped her up and carried her to the bathtub. My husband, oh darling, sainted man, offered to clean up the floor while I took care of Melissa. I asked if he was 'sure' once...but I didn't ask twice! I cleaned Melissa up, re-jammied her, gave her some sprite to sip, rocked her and put her back to bed with a big bowl, just in case.

The next day she seemed to be feeling fine, but Jonathan stayed home with her while I took the guys to church. As is tradition, the primary kids sang their songs about mothers during sacrament meeting. (Am I the only mother that gets a bit nervous when her kid is up on the stand? I'm just hoping my offspring isn't the one making funny faces or picking his/her nose!) Matthew fortunately didn't make me squirm, and he mostly sang. Good job, Matthew.

Isaac is having a tough adjustment to nursery, so either Jonathan or I usually stay with him. It doesn't help that nursery is smack dab during nap time. He got tired of nursery right after singing time, so I nursed him and he conked out and slept peacefully all through Relief Society. I got to hear the entire lesson. Thanks, Isaac!

After we got home the kids were bouncing off of the walls. Melissa was clearly feeling better. We went for a family hike up Comanche Lookout Point (fourth highest hill in Bexar county!) to get them out of the house. Once again, I forgot my good camera.

Kind of blurry: darn two-bit camera on my cell phone. Still you can see how lush it it here in San Antonio.

Tired baby. He crashed a few minutes later and slept until I put him in the car.
Melissa was so excited to give me her present that she opened it for me as soon as she got home from preschool. "Look what I made you!" I wore I all day and on Mother's day too. I totally rock this look.

Home Depot has free kid's workshops on the first Saturday of the month. They are great! It's prime Daddy/offspring time. Matthew made this for me, with a potted zinnia. I love zinnias. Melissa made one too, but she decided it was for her.
Matthew also gave me this. "And you don't have to water it, and it won't die, Mom!" Good thinking Matthew.
Jonathan gave me a gorgeous canvas print of this:
I can't wait to get it framed and hang it on the wall.

The presents were lovely, gang, but here are my treasures.

At the Park

Last week the temperatures were in the 80s and 90s and a bit muggy, but Saturday the weather was glorious. It was overcast and cooler- perfect for a picnic in the park. I only had my cell phone so I couldn't get any pictures of the boys- they were running around too fast for the mediocre camera on the phone.

Melissa baked a birthday cake in the baseball field.

Matthew had a busy game of tag going with some kids, then the rest of us joined him on the playground for tag. That kid is fast! The game ended prematurely when another kid ran into a pole. Ouch. (He was okay.) Isaac climbed, ran, slid, dug, squealed, and just enjoyed himself.

When we got home it was bath time.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Melissa is 5

Our merry little sprite is now 5. Every day for the last 2 months she has asked us, "how many more days until my birthday?" After we'd answer, she'd complain, "this is taking way too long!"

No, my dear, it is going way too fast...

Happy birthday to my spunky, determined, loyal, free-spirited, cheerful, loving, gentle, lively, charming, strong, funny little girl who makes me laugh and gives me gray hairs.

8 lbs 3 oz with a healthy set of lungs
I wrote about her birth here.

One week old and eating daddy's finger, num, num!

Five months old and flashing a gummy grin.

First birthday!

Summer in Washington

Second birthday!

Fruit loop fun!

Two and a half.

Third birthday!

My little warrior.

Dancing with Dad.

Fourth birthday!

At the fire station.

Styling in the kitchen.

Five Years old!