Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Metroid Mania

Matthew has been as enthralled by Super Metroid (the SNES title, emulated on our Wii) as he's been by anything. Every night when I get home he tells me about the secrets he discovered or the bad guys he defeated that day.

He's gone through phases with other games before so I didn't think this was worth posting about, but tonight he took things to a new level.

He and Rachel couldn't figure out how to get to some secret area, so Rachel looked up a speed run on youtube. Matthew was fascinated. He and Melissa kept crowding Rachel away from her laptop.

So I put it up on the big screen with the ps3 browser. Matthew is glued to the tube. He's going to have to go to bed without finishing it in half an hour, and I think only the promise (and threat!) of being able to finish it tomorrow if he is good will get him in bed without earth-shaking tantrums.

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