Sunday, February 17, 2008

A letter from Matthew

Dear Uncle Chris,

In preschool we passed out treats in sharing time. Because it was Valentine's!

I played with Emma and Nick at the bouncy place and Madeline and Melissa were there too. I went in with something with a hole and there is a rectangle with a hole for kids to climb in and a rope and kids can slide down. There was also a castle with bumpy slides. I played boxing with Emma. I was the toughest. We went in a SpongeBob one too, that one was silly.

Melissa cut off her hair a little bit in the front. My Dad left out the scissors and Melissa found them.

How you doing, Uncle Chris?

There is Metroid on the Wii, it's SUPER COOL! I found the ball, then the bombs, then the high jump, and missiles.


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