Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Christmas in February

This last Christmas friends of ours gave us the gift of the symphony (any one that we wanted to see) and babysitting. WOW! A date with Jonathan! Alone. Without kids. ;) We took them up on it last weekend.

On Saturday I told Matthew and Melissa that Ellis and Merri were coming over to play with them. They were thrilled. Matthew started running through the house (with Melissa tailing him) shouting "Uncle Ellis and Aunt Merri are coming! Hooray!!" Matthew has known Ellis since he was a baby. Ellis and Grant would come over regularly and Matthew just assumed that Ellis was part of the family too. And Ellis and Merri are...just not biologically. :)

An early picture of Matthew and Uncle Ellis:

Ellis, Merri, and baby Kevin showed up and Matthew let me know that he wanted to be the one to open the door. So he did. We left without so much as a "bye mom and dad." They were already too busy playing.

Anyways we took off on our date secure in the knowledge that the kids would have a Good Time. We saw Peer Gynt performed by the Utah Symphony and Chorus. I've only heard bits and pieces of it and it was marvelous to hear the whole thing. Well, mostly marvelous. Jonathan said, "I don't understand. Grieg wrote music for the gods, just absolutely divine pieces; and then he has stuff that sounds like he was putting filler in for a deadline. What gives? Same composer, same piece, what the heck?" Mostly it was really fantastic though. The narrator was brilliant and really brought life into the character Peer Gynt. I certainly enjoyed it and I think Jonathan did too.

The kids sure had a lot fun. We came home around 10 pm and they were still reading bedtime stories. What great night! Matthew told me a little about the fun things they did the next morning and ended it with, "and baby Kevin was sure cute!"

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