Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's day surprise

We moved the Python user group to Wednesday to accomodate Valentine's Day. Rachel's orchestra was not so flexible. So I left work expecting to take the kids to Burger King (and work on the wifi -- more on that subject in a bit) while Rachel led the viola section as usual on Thursday.

I was still in the dark when I noticed that it smelled nice and there was a styrofoam box on the top of the oven, with garlic bread and barbecue sauce. "Oh, Goodwood leftovers! Nice."

Nobody ever accused guys of picking up on hints too quickly.

"No," Rachel explained, and opened the oven to show me the rows of Goodwood barbecue staying warm for dinner. And she even had not-from-concentrate lemonade. What a nice surprise. I had not tried the Goodwood prime rib before. (Do I need to write that it was fantastic? It was.)

What a thoughtful woman.

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