Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tommy at the window

(Photos taken 2014-09-14.)

Tired Nina girl

(Photos taken 2014-09-20.)

Social bathing

Corinna gave herself a bath yesterday. Then a few hours later, when she heard Isaac bathing, she decided to join him, clothes and all. (The long shirt is what she dressed herself in, post-bath. It is too warm for long shirts, but we don't argue with Corinna when we can help it.) Untitled

Friday, September 19, 2014

Tommy likes riding on Mom's back

(Photos taken 2014-09-19.)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tired Tommy

Thomas announced that he was done with sleep at 4:50 this morning. I got up with him and let him play for an hour. A little after 6 he just lay down where he was and went to sleep.

(Photos taken 2014-09-18.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

July peanuts, workout edition

  • David: "Don't worry, Jonathan. I've trained with older guys who are out of shape before."
  • Split lip while tossing the medicine ball. David: "If you're going to catch it with your face, at least turn your head to one side."
  • Handstands. Haven't done that in 20 years. Kind of scary by the third round when you're not quite sure your muscles are going to work as planned.
  • Almost able to keep up with David, after he spent the previous hour teaching a jiu jitsu class. (Two months later: No. He just let me think I could almost keep up.)
  • After tiring me out with running, David took us inside to lift weights. "Come on, Jonathan! You're supposed to be good at this part!" "David, the problem is that you're doing it wrong. Lifting weights is supposed to be anaerobic, but you make it aerobic!" "Jonathan, in your shape, everything is going to be aerobic."
  • David has us doing unconventional pullups. I start on the judo gi draped over the top of his weight cage. It hangs so that if you pull yourself straight up, you will bash your face on the crossbar, and that's what I do. David: "I'm going to print out labels for everything that say, Achtung: lippen."
  • David wasn't tired out from an earlier workout, so he just did twice as much of everything. That worked out pretty well for both of us.

June + July peanuts

  • I told Matthew we would open our new XBox One when he finished the "Intro to JS" Kahn Academy challenges. Done in a weekend.
  • Me: "The CEO doesn't usually ask my advice on how to soothe ruffled salespeople." Rachel: "That's probably just as well."
  • It's basically impossible to get soiled panties off of a sleeping three year old without getting poop on your hands.
  • Isaac, looking at family pictures from when Matthew was born: "Why you have longer hair one time?"
  • Rachel: "Is something wrong?" Me: "Not really. Someone from work is asking me for advice on being tactful." Rachel: "WHAT?"
  • Rachel bought the kids the Frozen soundtrack, aka "Let it Go: the Music Video." I kind of wish she hadn't.
  • Saw Matthew and Melissa off at the airport to Grandma's in Washington. Agent: "What are you going to do with your time with the kids gone?" Me: "I have three more at home." Cue dropped jaws.
  • Isaac: "Can you give me a squeeze hug?" I gave him a bear hug. Isaac: "No, I mean the one that clinks." I thought for a second, then I popped his back. Isaac: "Clink!"
  • Today's Sunday school lesson on Samson saw cameos from The Lord of the Rings *and* Calvin and Hobbes. I think I win.
  • Corinna: "I go pee pee!" Me: "Au VC?" [in the bathroom?] Corinna: "In the grass!" Isaac: "Mommy said, Go outside!"
  • Corinna: "I want froggies!" [leapfrog cartoons] Rachel: "Then why'd you put it on Ponies?" "I want froggies!" "You have no idea what you're doing." Me: "Why are you arguing with a three year old?"

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tommy is pulling himself to standing at six months

He has trouble getting down when he's done, though.

(Photos taken 2014-09-15.)

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Matthew's New Suit

(Photos taken 2014-09-07.)

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Isaac exercises

I opened Isaac's door to see how getting ready for bed was going. I found him under his bed, pushing his mattress into the air.

"What are you doing?"

"Exercising. To make MUSCLES!"

(Photos taken 2014-09-06.)