Tuesday, November 28, 2006


We tried Fantasia out on Matthew 8 months ago or so, and he was bored stiff. (Well, actually, bored wiggly.) I thought I'd try it out again today, and he was totally into it. "Dancing flower! Everyone flower dancing! Dancing leaves! ... Dose brooms are truhsol [trouble]." Meanwhile Melissa enjoyed the music. She really is a musical baby.

Speaking of Melissa, we're still working on "Yes." Instead, she prefers to nod her head up and down. She does use it correctly: "Do you want more?" [nods] "Are you all done?" "No!"

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Matthew's first talk

Matthew was assigned a talk in Sunday School. We forgot about it until Sunday morning, but fortunately, it's not hard to help prepare a talk to be given by a four year old, when you're trying to keep it within his own theological purview. "When I'm eight I'll be baptized and follow Jesus. Temples are where you get married. My mommy and daddy got married in the temple." When I was discussing this with him, he added, "An' you get RING, that mean you married. An' it take ALL DAY." I think Uncle Grant's marriage made a big impression!

I didn't actually get to see the delivery because Melissa had a cold, so I stayed home with her. But Rachel told me that Matthew kept stage whispering to her, "What next, Mama?" I don't think anyone thought it was too short.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Big Girl II

Today Melissa stayed in nursery all by herself for the entire 2 hours. Apparently it went well too. When I picked her up she was busy trying to catch bubbles. She was all smiles for her Mama though. I admit I was a little apprehensive. I kept checking on her through the little window in the door. Each time I looked in she was busy playing with toys. For the past 3 months Jonathan or I have spent time in with her, but now that she's officially 18 months we thought we'd see how she'd do by herself. So far so good!

I guess we've been very lucky in this area. Matthew was pretty easy about going to nursery. He liked it most Sundays. It seems Melissa is set to follow in her brother's footsteps. I feel bad for the parents that can't ever leave, but I feel even worse for the kids who are left in nursery and really can't handle it. I don't want nursery to ever be a misery for my kids. I have not seen parents leaving their kids to "cry it out" lately, thank goodness!

Potty-training deja vu

Well, I figured we were getting low on bathroom stories (collective groans), so it's time to potty-train another child! Actually Melissa wants to do everything her big brother does and that includes sitting on the potty. Most of the time she just sits on the toilet and swings her legs back and forth. She then insists on a piece of toilet paper to "wipe." Most of the time nothing but toilet paper goes into the potty, but we've had a few successes. She also likes to "read" on the porcelin throne. When she's all done (usually after 1 minute) she washes her hands in the sink and streaks off before I can diaper her. She runs away giggling while I give chase. Such a fun game! (I admit I'm not quite ready to do diaperless training just yet. We gave it a try one morning and it was interesting... Maybe in a few months...when I'm even more tired of washing diapers than scrubbing floors. Hmmm.) For now she's happy imitating her brother. Just as long as she doesn't try standing in front of the potty to go, I'm happy to oblige her baby whims.


Friday, November 17, 2006

Baby love

I was heading out on an errand solo. Melissa had had enough of the car, and Matthew wanted to watch Kim Possible with her instead of coming. So I headed out, but paused to talk to Rachel from the door. Then Melissa came running after me. "Na na na na! Dada!" So I closed the door in a hurry and turned away, and sure enough Bang Bang Bang went the door, and I heard baby frustration on the other side.

Poor kid wanted Dad. I decided that if she thought she wanted to come, fine, even though she'd be ticked before we got far. So I opened the door, and Melissa reached for... the slice of homemade bread in my hand. Satisfied, she waved. "Ba bye!"

Babies are born to keep daddies humble.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Big girl

Matthew was stubborn today; he didn't want to eat his soup for lunch, and he didn't want to eat it for dinner, either. I can only chalk it up to sheer cussedness, because he admitted that it was good soup.

As an olive branch, Rachel offered to let him eat it with a straw for dinner. It was a soup thick with vegetables, so he wouldn't get far with that, but it would be a start. Matthew agreed, but Melissa was indignant when she saw such goings-on. "No no no no!" she pointed at this outrageous breach of etiquette. I guess even babies know: straws are for glasses, not bowls.

Then after we got Melissa's teeth brushed for bedtime, she headed for the bathroom sink, climbed on the stool, and made "puh! puh!" sounds. We were puzzled, but Rachel realized: "She's trying to spit!" Big people spit after brushing their teeth.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Why daddy is tired

"Bedtime!" I announce. Melissa takes off and hides in her best hiding spot, behind the DVD bookshelf. Then when I find her she goes and grabs Mom. "Night night," she tells me, and waves.

So yeah, Rachel is both kids' favorite bedtime-putter. Melissa's, because she nurses her. Matthew's, I don't know. Maybe because Melissa wants Mama so it's part of this perpetual imitation/competition thing they have going. But with some exceptions, both kids get Mommy bedtimes. (Although Matthew doesn't mind if Dad brushes his teeth and helps him get pyjamas on.)

But as of two nights ago, Melissa has graduated to her own bedroom and Daddy taking the night shift: no more midnight snacks courtesy of Mom.

The first night was pretty rough. I went in 3 times to quiet her. She woke a fourth time but went back to sleep on her own.

Last night was worse. She woke up at 2:30 and wouldn't last more than 5 minutes without Dad. Finally, to keep peace in the marital bed, I went in to her room some time after 4 and let her sleep next to me. I hope this phase passes quickly.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Gimme the beat

Last night when Rachel turned Melissa over to me at 3:30, she was inclined to complain that she didn't want Daddy. Plus her nose was stuffed up and that made her grumpy. I sang to her, and she quieted down. Then when I stopped, she started singing "Happy Birthday." She doesn't know what it means, but it's a happy tune and she likes it. So we sang Happy Birthday twice, then we both went to sleep.

Today I stayed home with Melissa while Rachel taught Matthew's class at church. She hadn't slept well due to her congestion, and she was cranky. I took her for a drive, and she howled her dislike for the mellow classical music I played, and possibly me personally too. After twenty minutes of unsuccessfully waiting for her to get tired of yelling at me, I switched channels to some grunge rock song with lots of distortion. She got quiet then, and her eyelids started drooping. Five minutes and two rock songs later she was out. (Then I changed it back to classical.)

When we got home, I took her out of the carseat somewhat against my better judgement. She snapped awake and started reproaching me immediately. Efforts to get her back to sleep were futile. She was too mad for singing to work. After she dissed the soup I tried to feed her, I left her in the bedroom to her own devices. Half an hour later it finally started to get quiet, so I went in and offered to sing her to sleep again. This time, worn out, she accepted.

Tonight, she was inclined to protest when Rachel tried to put her to bed too, but was willing for Mom to sing her to sleep.

This baby likes her music.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Musings of a four-year-old

Matthew has been discussing "when I get big..." a lot lately.

"I eat all my dinner, lots and lots, and get 'nough rest I grow BIG!" When I get big like Daddy, I build my own house. I have my own wife and kids."

"Yes, Matthew, that sounds like a good idea."

"I don't want to be big yet, just a little bit big."

"OK, I like having you as my boy."


Just today he's informed me that he's picked out his wife.

"When I get big, Emma gonna be my wife."

"Oh really?"


Emma's one of Matthew's buddies. There aren't many girls his age in our neighborhood, but a plethora of boys. As such, Emma's had to adapt to the wild running and chasing games of her peers. I guess Matthew figured that she was fun to run around and play with, therefore she'd be a good wife. I don't think at four he has a crush- Emma's just a good pal. Pretty cute.