Thursday, February 28, 2008


"Mom do dogs lay eggs?"
Seeing that our son needed a little more education on mammal birth, I did what any parent in 2008 would do: I turned to YouTube. So this morning we watched puppies being born. Matthew and Melissa were enthralled. "See the puppy coming out of the puppy hole?" "Wow! cool! Puppies are so cute." Matthew wanted to know all about the amniotic sac and waters, the cord, why the mothers' licked the puppies, how the puppies knew when to come out, question after question. He was very impressed. Melissa mostly liked seeing the "baby doggies."

High Praise
We made sugar cookies today. When I finished mixing the dough, Melissa started jumping up and down. She used the same tone we used to praise her for potty-training, "Yea Mama! You DID it! You make cookies. Good Job, Mama!" I cracked up.

The 'A' says Ahh
Matthew has some phonics videos that he watches occasionally. He's pretty much mastered the sounds of the alphabet. Melissa has been absorbing some of the sounds along with him. Today she was chanting "the 'a' says 'ahhh!'" while running through the house.
(Why is it our children run instead of walk?)

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