Sunday, June 03, 2007

Three's a crowd

Matthew's new best friend is Mason, who lives two houses down the street. Mason just turned 6; Matthew is 4 1/2, but they mesh pretty well despite the age difference. On days when Matthew doesn't go over to ask if Mason can come play, it's because Mason came over to ask first.

Their favorite indoor activity is playing The Incredibles on XBox. I'm sure they'd have beaten it by now but they keep overwriting their saved game by starting over.

They play Incredibles off the xbox, too. Sometimes Matthew is Mr. Incredible; sometimes he is Frozone. This involves a lot of jumping, chasing, and punching of imaginary foes, and is best kept outside.

Sometimes McKay next door plays, too. McKay is 7 and used to being in charge. He and Matthew get along okay when it's just the two of them, but when Mason is over too, the two older boys mostly play together and Matthew gets a little left out. Matthew doesn't really know how to deal with this, so he usually ends up starting a fight one way or another, and Mom or Dad has to send everyone home.

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