Sunday, June 10, 2007

Potty Training Update

Melissa was potty-trained, but decided it was too much effort (or something). She went from staying dry with very rare accidents, perhaps one or two times a week, to several times in one day. There is no medical or other reason that we can come up with for the regression. The child knows exactly what to do and how to do it, she just chooses not to...

(This is what happens when two stubborn people meet, marry, and procreate.)

I tried voicing disapproval, bribing, and even a swat on the rump- to no avail. I wish I had not resorted to spanking, not only did it not work, but it goes against my principles. I planned on resorting to corporal punishment sparingly and only for flat out defiance. Sigh.

So today we took a new (old) tack. We went back to "practice sessions" for dirtied undies. In the event of an "accident" she must take them off, sit on the potty for a few seconds, put the wet pair back on, and then return to the scene of the crime. We then have her check her pants (still wet) and repeat the process 10 times. There is no yelling or punishment, just the repetition of quickly getting to the bathroom. She HATES to practice. Almost as much as we do directing the practice sessions. We'll see if this works... Meanwhile I think I'm going to have retrain her dolls and see if that helps "The Importance of Staying Dry" sink in.

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