Sunday, June 03, 2007


in Matthew-speak or "congratulations" to the rest of us.

Matthew loves to compete, but hates to lose. He would dissolved into a soggy (and noisy) mass of tears after losing. Lately, after much coaching, he has become more gracious in defeat. We have drilled it into his skull that he needs to congratulate his opponent after the game. When he wins he needs to say "good game" or words to that effect.

Matthew really loves the tennis game on the Wii and practiced while his Daddy was at work. Previously Jonathan beat him easily, but Matthew learned a few tricks...

On a Saturday they played their rematch of three sets of three. Matthew served the ball and sent it smoking across the net. Daddy's mii's swung aimlessly. (Jonathan still hasn't worked out how Matthew does his power serves.) In short Daddy got pounded. Matthew was literally dancing with glee, but he remembered to congratulate his Daddy when one of his serves was returned or Jonathan won a game. Despite Jonathan winning a game here and there, Matthew took home victory of all the match sets. The game ended with a very pleased little boy, and a somewhat chagrined Daddy.

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Jonathan Ellis said...

Rachel slightly exaggerates the one-sidedness of my defeat.