Sunday, June 10, 2007

Power struggle

Melissa pooped in her pants today. A couple hours later, she peed her pants for good measure.

Both times we had her "practice" by putting on the underwear, going back to the scene of the crime, and going back to the potty, 10 times. Rachel and I took turns doing the practice because it's really a chore, with Melissa kicking and screaming and generally making it very clear that she does not want to practice.

I told my mother about this and she said "Sounds like a power struggle," and suggested we just wait a few months. But, Rachel points out, we're already in the power struggle and Melissa is already stubborn enough. Encouraging that by appearing to capitulate in this might not be a great idea.

(Edit: oops, didn't realize that Rachel already posted about this. First dupe in over two years isn't bad, though.)

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