Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Mother's "Purse"

An inventory of random stuff that has accumulated in my purse/kid paraphernalia depository

1 portable potty seat
2 pairs of training pants
1 pack baby wipes
1 Scooby-doo "Mystery Machine" bus
11 pens
1 colored pencil
2 fat crayons
1 AA battery
1 plastic grocery bag
2 tiny hair bows
1 hair brush
1 Candy Land playing piece (red)
1 tooth brush
1 sample diaper rash cream
3 chap stick tubes
1 clothespin
1 bottle hand sanitizer
1 wooden top
1 tractor notepad
1 small wrench
1 (bear) clothing patch
1 used band aid
1 beaded coin pouch
1 purple diaper "snappi"
Assorted receipts, grocery lists, and recipes
$ 1.51 in change
2 elastic hair bands
1 rubber band

And a wallet and keys if I can find them...

(To think that I used to get by with just a wallet, keys, and a tube of lipstick!)

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