Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A letter from Matthew

Dear Uncle Elder Chris,

When I grow up, I want to be a missionary. I want to have my own wife and my own kids. I will have lots of jobs. I will cook dinner and start the [barbecue] fire. When Jackson was 5, he helped start up the fire. I will get charcoal and put in stuff that has fire and put it on top of the charcoal and start the fire.

I love my family. I have my own garden where I planted seeds. Flower seeds. Pumpkin seeds -- and you should see the plants in my garden; it's a surprise, when it gets bigger.

I play with my friends.

Now I want to write about dinosaur bones. Dinosaur bones are fun to see at the museum. It's really fun, and there's dinosaur bones. And sharks hanging from the top [ceiling]. All of them died.

Did you know about snakes? That's kind of silly, snakes in a dinosaur museum.

That's all.



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Butterfly said...

Omigosh! I have been laughing for the last 5 minutes!!