Friday, June 29, 2007

Flying with a two year old is hell

Matthew is pretty good on the airplane now. Give him his gameboy, or put a Superman DVD in Rachel's macbook, and he's good to go. I got him a pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones -- under 20% of the price of the Bose ones and almost as effective. (But the Maxell ones I also got kinda suck.)

Melissa is another story. She didn't like headphones, so the DVD only worked for about 10 minutes. Then she went through the books and activities Rachel packed in about half an hour. Which left only another 4 hours of hell each way to New Jersey. She did NOT want to be strapped in her seat; when we unstrapped her, she wanted to climb over the seat to say hello to the passengers behind her, or tromp up and down the isles, both of which get old for the other passengers in fairly short order. So on the way back we decided strapped-in was the way to go, despite her protests. And did she ever protest.

I told my mom we'd fly out again when Christine gets married. (This does not seem likely to occur in the near future.) She thought I was joking at first; when she realized I was serious, she said hopefully, "But she'll grow out of this; Matthew did." "Yeah," I replied, "and by that time we'll have another one again."

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