Monday, June 25, 2007

David is married

David got married Saturday. I didn't really get a chance to spend much time with his wife, Dielha, so perhaps for that reason it still feels kind of abstract to me. Or maybe it's because he dated her less before their marriage than Telitha did Nolan or Grant did Lisa.

Dielha does seem to be a gentle soul.

Most of the family friends that I know, the Princeton ones, didn't make it to this reception; they were on the "must look up addresses" list and didn't get looked up. Too bad, I was looking forward to seeing some of them again.

But, the wedding cake was definitely the best I have had. Most wedding bakers don't spend much effort making it actually taste good as long as it looks good. This one was excellent.

We stayed to clean up; fortunately it ended at 8 so we weren't there too late. But Mom was up til one washing tablecloths. (I helped with the first batch but went to bed before it hit the dryer.)

Grant wrote about some more details of the reception on his blog. I'm going to shamelessly crib one bit here:

Last night I gave my (now four-year-old) nephew a pitcher of tang to carry into the party when we were setting up, under the theory that he (a) wanted to help, (b) an element of risk makes the sense of accomplishment greater, and (c) nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Grandpa Ellis, who caught us, explained that this was added to the list of Things I Was Not Allowed to Do.

What I didn't tell him was that he didn't catch us until the second pitcher.

Addendum: My wife points out that she caught us earlier, but what she said was, "That one is really, really full," so I just went back to the kitchen and gave him a less full one.

I'm an obedient husband!

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abby said...

Oddly enough I was the one who told Grandpa Ellis about the full pitcher. He didn't notice it until I said that it looked dangerous. You almost got away with it.