Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On being a little sister-

of big brother...

How many 2 year old girls do you know that can accurately name batman, spiderman, and her favorite, "SOUP-Man!" [superman]?

Most recently Melissa has started to chatter about "trackman".

Matthew checked out a book from the library titled Tractionman about an action figure that goes on numerous adventures around the house. Currently it's his favorite book and he's even taken to calling his GI Joe "man" doll tractionman. He filled the sink up with water and put tractionman in scuba gear to go rescuing sponges. Daddy's shoes are now space ships and he saves his farm animals from various nefarious villains found around the house. This doll goes with him everywhere and Matthew reads the book to his tractionman each night. (And who says boys don't play with dolls? Boy dolls just have super abilities and a liking for big weapons and/or daring deeds to save the day.) He now wants to make some more clothes for tractionman because his (tractionman's) favorite colors are orange and blue. Or so Matthew has informed me. Guess I'm going to have to stitch up some tiny orange Bermuda shorts...

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