Tuesday, April 21, 2009

That settles it

I need to get a gaming PC. (To my dear wife: since I intend to play on our relatively low res TV, it won't be that expensive!)

I still haven't been able to play Mass Effect since work got me a laptop with a graphics card that would have been embarassing five years ago. And now that the trailers for Alpha Protocol are out my days are numbered. (You know, the new game by the makers of KotOR II, which was almost a great game but time pressure gimped it to merely "good?")

Or we could move my Mac (formerly Macbook, now just a Mac since I can't actually close it anymore or the damage gets worse -- did I mention that Apple decided this wasn't covered under their $400 extended warranty? they did) downstairs close enough to the TV that an HDMI cable would reach. But then we'd have to move my desk too which Rachel thinks is an eyesore.

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Jonathan Ellis said...

Maybe I will just keep track of the PC games I need to play here.

Entry 3: The Last Remnant.