Thursday, April 16, 2009

Houston (Reader's Digest Version)

We had a lovely Easter in Houston. James and Cameo blessed their baby, Elijah, and we made the trip out to see them. It's our first road trip with the kids and *only* a four hour drive- however with children you have to add the a multiplier for each kid. So a trip that is four hours feels more like 6. Kind of like wind chill factor only it's "kid car factor." "Are we there yet!? This is taking too long. I have to go potty. Mom, mom, mom!!! Dad, dad, dad!!! Isaac's crying again! I'm thirsty!" You get the drill. So we survived. Actually it wasn't too bad.

Matthew and Melissa were pleased to play with their cousin Jacob and we stayed in the Marriott Residence Inn to give us a little more space. (And to make up for the truck-stop cramped motel we stayed in when we went to WA). It was NICE. It had two bedrooms and a joint living/dining/kitchen area. I could easily get used to staying there.

James and Cameo both look great and their kids are so cute. Jacob really took a shine to Matthew and had fun hanging out with a "big" boy. Matthew to his credit was good with the little kids and took him under his wing. So we played games, dyed eggs, went to the park, and had a good time. Summer and Bob were there, and later Cameo's parents came. Sunday we went to the blessing: 8:30 church, ugh. Afterward we had a luncheon, hunted for eggs, told the Easter story, and then drove back. A good time was had by all. And I have to mention that I'm way impressed with the public reststops in Texas. There were playgrounds, fully landscaped grassy areas with mature trees, flowering bushes, internet access, CLEAN restrooms, and vending machinces. Wow!

Oh and Matthew lost another tooth. He will write all about it I'm sure when he gets back from school.

Pictures to come as soon as I can convince Jonathan to download them from his phone.

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G Ellis said...

Rachel: It wasn't so bad.
Jonathan: Ack! Terrible!