Thursday, April 30, 2009

Matthew's First Buzz

A few weeks ago Matthew was once again complaining about having his hair combed.

"Well Matthew you can get it cut short like Daddy's if you don't want it combed."

I figured that would be the end of it because Matthew has told me on no uncertain terms to "please, please don't cut it as short as Daddy's hair!" when I've given him a trim before.

Apparently combing was an evil too great to be endured any longer and he asked to have a haircut just like Dad's.

Here comes the clippers:

The honor of buzzing was bestowed on Jonathan because, "Daddy has never cut my hair before; you've had lots of turns, Mom."

All done!

And since Melissa wants to do everything that Matthew does, she took off her shirt and posed for a picture too.


abby said...

I like the buzz cut!

Jonathan Ellis said...

He reminds me a *lot* of my cousin Anthony with it that short.