Thursday, April 30, 2009


  • Matthew: "I'm going to run really fast. I need you to check behind me and see if there's a blur."
  • I poured Melissa a bowl of shredded wheat and told her to get herself a spoon. "Big spoon or small spoon?" "Either is fine." So she came to the table with a huge serving spoon and ate her cereal with that.
  • Issac got up at 4:45 this morning. I took him downstairs and stopped to relieve myself. Isaac leaned over to see what was going on and decided to let it rip too. The lean created just the right opening and I got well and truly peed on. The warm trickle felt like it would never end. So we went back upstairs to clean up before I got to rock him to sleep (which took almost an hour).
  • I asked Melissa to pick up the blocks and put them in the block cart where they belong. "Otay!" She set to work, but Isaac saw what she was doing and scurried over. He loves taking the blocks out of that cart. They continued that way for a while, with Isaac taking them out more or less as fast as Melissa put them in. This frustrated her immensely ("Daddy! Isaac taking the bwocks out!") but I was able to do the dishes much faster with Isaac distracted like that so I wasn't about to pull him away. Eventually Melissa solved the problem herself: she moved the block cart down the four steps to the living room -- Isaac can go up stairs but has not learned to negotiate them the other way -- and stashed the blocks in her shirt to move them over to the cart.

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