Saturday, April 25, 2009

The magical age

Things Matthew started doing this week:
  • Violin lessons with his mom (I know what a novice on a violin sounds like from being around when David was learning, so I callously insisted this be done while I am at work)
  • Chess lessons with me
  • Typing lessons with Peter
Six and a half: when kids start to get fun.


David said...

Time for "Fiddler on the Roof"

I remember wanting to be the fiddler after watching that movie. It inspired me to go through three violin teachers.

...I would have stayed with it but my fingers got fat from Judo.

David said...

..oh yeah, and all my teachers quit.

They said that "it wasn't me", it was "just their time to quit".

...But now, thinking about it, why would all three explicitly want me to know that "it was not me"?

Rachel Ellis said...

No kidding? Too funny David.

I guess you just missed your calling in life as the next Joshua Bell. :D