Saturday, April 25, 2009

Isaac is teething again

It's been brutal. He starts off the night by refusing to sleep except in his mom's arms (and woe betide you if you dare put him down). Sometime between 11 and 2 -- usually closer to 2 -- he will sleep deeply enough to be placed in his bassinet. Then he will wake up around an hour later. I will rock him back to sleep and put him in his swing, and sleep on the couch. Two hours later he will wake up angry and I will take him up to nurse. He will doze for a while; on a good night this will be until almost 7:00; on a bad night, 5:00. Then I will rock him again, and usually (but not this morning) he will let me put him in his swing for a while longer.

That is why last night I slept from 9 to 5, minus the interruptions. Rachel slept from 1 to 8.


Butterfly Girl said...

ugh! don't they have baby ambien, yet? :)

Jonathan Ellis said...

Oh, they do ( but it's mostly illegal now. :(