Sunday, April 26, 2009


Matthew, in the car, singing: "Farmer Brown he had a dog and Texas was his name-o! T E X A S! T E X A S! ..."

Matthew, to his mom: "Can boys be on stage and dance with ballerinas?" On being answered in the affirmative: "I don't want to do that. Make sure you tell Dad I do not want to take ballet lessons!"

Melissa, to Uncle Grant: "We have a pumptin! His name is Isaac!"


Rebecca Jacobs said...

I love it! Your blog is so so so fun to read!! I miss you guys. I swear, everything you put in here about Matthew, I can hear him saying it. And I throw my head back and laugh. :) Love you guys, hope you're enjoying Texas.

Rachel Ellis said...

Aww thanks. It's fun to write about the crazy things they say and do. (This'll be good material to read when they are teens. Hehe.)

We're doing great here. Lots to see and do. Miss everyone in Utah though. And I miss the mountains. Hope you're doing well, and enjoying a beautiful Spring there. :)