Monday, August 17, 2009

What's better than a birthday cake?

Why 2 birthday cakes of course!

Isaac turned 1 on the 8th of August while we were in Washington. Naturally we had to have cake.

Eying the cake.

For me?
Oh boy!
The aftermath:

Matthew and Melissa wanted to celebrate when we returned home, so we had to have more cake, of course. "Mom, this time Isaac can have cake too!" said Matthew. We had a chocolate cake on the day he was born and Matthew felt a bit sorry for Isaac then since he was too little for cake.

The ducky cake I made (inspired by the tub toy Aunt Telitha and Uncle Nolan gave Isaac):
Happy Isaac:

Isaac is doing well. He's been healthy with nary a trace of diabetes returning. We do have to monitor him when he's sick, but so far so good. Last August certainly was an interesting (worrisome, scary, exhausting, sad) time, but then again we have never felt so loved and so blest. Our friends, neighbors, and family descended upon our little household and helped so much. We were frankly surprised by the many acts of kindness- and so grateful. Even just simple things like a friendly ear touched our hearts. Thank you.


abby said...

Lucky Isaac for getting two cakes. I love your ducky cake. It's so expertly done. I'm glad the diabetes hasn't returned.

Telitha said...

Wow, great job on the ducky cake!

GoodReason said...

Hilarious! What a great set of pictures!