Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Cast is Off!

Took Matthew to the orthopedist's office to get his cast removed today. Things look great. They x-rayed his arm again, and this time you can see very clearly where his bone has healed. He had what is called a supracondylar fracture which appeared in his previous x-ray as a darkened triangular area around the humerus. It is called a "sail sign" and shows where the fat got displaced. It's most common between the ages of 5-9 years old and seems to happen in a 2:1 ratio of boys to girls. Yep, that's my busy heedless boy! Now that bone has repaired, the darkened areas are replaced with white new bone. Very good.

Had to take the whole crew with me, and Matthew and Melissa made friends with the other kids getting their casts removed. One boy, who looked about 14, broke his hand doing gymnastics. Matthew instantly related to him because he had the same color cast Matthew did. Gee kids are lucky these days! Matthew got to pick his color cast from about 12 different colors, and the cast was waterproof, and it didn't smell or irritate his skin!

Melissa was a little freaked out about the saw the technician wielded despite Matthew's and my reassurances. She hid behind my chair, tucked her knees under her, and curled in a little blond ball. Matthew did great though, and Isaac was nonplused.

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