Sunday, August 16, 2009


  • Finished The Narnian. Outstanding biography.
  • Isaac's birthday present from Daddy arrived: 10 "First Impressions" DVDs. Verdict: better than Baby Einstein (real music, not cheapskate My First MIDI crap).
  • There is a lot less laundry when Daddy is the one in charge of when an outfit is too dirty to wear.
  • The kids and I helped water the temple grounds Monday morning. (Watering with sprinklers is banned; hand-watering with hoses is OK.) Matthew took one hose by himself and Melissa and I took another. Matthew did a good job and was very pleased with the compliments he got from various adults passing by.
  • While Rachel was gone I was putting in a full day's work while watching the kids. Even with Inflatable Wonderland I didn't have a whole lot of time left for more than the basics. So before she got back I swept out the kitchen and dining area with a push broom. It was the right tool for the job.
  • Matthew beat Guitar Hero: rocks the 80s on easy. Medium is proving more challenging: "Don't you throw my guitars!"
  • Matthew: "Did you know I can burp the ABCs?"
  • Rachel has an honest soul. On my developing male-pattern baldness, comfortingly: "Well, you look good from the front!"

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