Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trip to Washington- Day 2

Day 1 was spent running errands all over town with my Dad for the retirement barbecue.

Day 2 my beautiful cousin Laura married her sweetheart. (Welcome to the family Braton!) Isaac and I waited in the temple lobby with Nana, Laura's grandmother and my adopted grandmother. She is a lovely lady, and it was so nice to chat with her.

See? Told you she's beautiful. ;) Jonathan's comment when he found out about the wedding, "Laura's getting married!? She was like 12 when I first met her! Gee, I'm getting old."

Cute cousins and Chris! I miss the monthly cousin dinners...

Unfortunately the luncheon conflicted with naptime so I took Isaac home to get some rest. There is nothing less enjoyable than a cranky, overtired, overstimulated baby at a formal occasion. If only I knew a babysitter in the area!!!

The afternoon was filled with more prepwork for the retirement lunch. Mom made something like 6 million cookies, give or take a few. She made enough potato salad, baked beans, dip, and sliced condiments to feed an army. Literally.

That evening was the reception at the Van Dukers. It was gorgeous, of course. The food was amazing! Scott made Italian sodas at the bar and even Gus, the dog, was decked out to the nines. Wish I'd gotten a picture of him in his collared bowtie. Isaac was dressed for the occasion, but he hated his tie.
Here he is grinning after ripping it off.

Bustling the dress. Aunt Charlene is assisting. Those things are tricky!

Wished I had more time to chat and to see people... oh well.

Saturday was also Isaac's birthday. 1 year old! Since the day was so hectic, we waited to celebrate. Matthew and Melissa did call to sing happy birthday though. I know Matthew, and I'm sure he insisted on calling right away! It was cute. Isaac seemed to recognize their voices and made approving noises.

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