Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Isaac development

Isaac figured out how a straw works today. He first blew bubbles through it and then tried sucking on it. His surprised reaction was fun to watch. Pleased with himself, he repeated the exercise drinking more water. When he got bored he dumped the water, of course.

Our little Pumpkin also enjoys playing with containers, preferably ones with lids he take on and off. He delights in putting things into the containers, placing the lid on, shaking it, taking the lid off, and then dumping the contents out again.

Recently Isaac has begun to put things back in their place. With great encouragement on our part, he'll put blocks back into their box. He likes the praise, and he likes to set the box up in preparation to be emptied again, he can't resist scattering them. Isaac Rygg Entropy Ellis. Speaking of entropy, coffee tables, low alcoves, bookcases are regularly swept clean of their contents. Isaac waves his arms back and forth like windshield wipers on any surface he can reach. Once the area is sufficient 'cleaned' he moves onto his next target.

Still no definite words, but he likes to copy the sounds we make. He'll copy "ahhs" and "ooos" and grins ear to ear when we repeat the sounds he makes. He does say "da da da" and I think at times he really is referring to his Daddy. Yesterday I heard the front door open while I was upstairs with Isaac. "Daddy's home!" I exclaimed to Isaac who was happily playing on the floor by my feet. "Da Da Da Da!" he squealed excitedly and crawled over to the stairs. We have yet hear "ma ma ma," but I'm eagerly waiting.

Isaac has been cruising around furniture for a while and occasionally he'll stand unsupported when he doesn't realize he's doing it. As soon as he senses no support he falls to his rump or knees. He isn't as intent on learning to walk as Matthew was. Looking back, I can't believe that Matthew was walking at 9 1/2 months. Crazy! As for Isaac, crawling can get him wherever he wants to go and seems to suit him just fine for now. Perhaps he'll have fewer bumps on the head than his big brother did.

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