Sunday, August 30, 2009


  • Rachel: "You're playing a good guy? [in inFamous] Do you remember how? Let me know if you run into any ethical dillemas." (I usually play bad guys.)
  • First week of school. (Already!) On Monday, Matthew was lying in bed awake when I went in to get him up. First-day jitters, I guess. I can empathize. So far Matthew is having fun and not being homeworked to death so I'm good. Rachel though is shocked, shocked! that Matthew's public school is academically less than rigorous. "Color the triangles purple." Video Fridays. Personally, I never learned anything in public school, either, so I'm not really sure what the fuss is about.
  • Rachel [after I remount her FFXII save data that one of the kids messed with]: "Oh. So it was just a software problem." "Yes." "Good thing. If it was a hardware problem, _I_ would have to fix it." "Yes."
  • Sure enough, when Isaac broke my keyboard. Rachel fixed it.
  • Rachel agreed to a Starcraft rematch with her brother Chris. In a moment of hubris she also agreed to the handicap of Chris picking her race: Zerg. Practice status: Starcraft is installed on her laptop.

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