Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines day food

I get Rachel a present on Valentines day. (At first I thought this might be sort of optional seeing as how it's an entirely artificial holiday, but I was wrong.) I discourage her from trying to reciprocate, though; guys -- and me in particular -- are hard enough to buy gifts for as it is, without adding another occasion into it.

So instead, Rachel goes all out on the food.

We started the day with German apple pancakes, a completely unhealthy and entirely delicious concoction of basically butter, topped with whipped cream. Also there are some apples for decoration. Delicious. (We first tried these at the Magnolia Pancake Haus here in SA, but Rachel's are better.)

Nobody was hungry for lunch, although Melissa did completely polish off her box of chocolates. That girl is a chocolate fiend.

For dinner we are having steak, with an ice cream cake for dessert. The valentine's day ice cream cake is our longest-running tradition as a couple, dating back to our very first valentine's day together. (Rachel still remembers walking to Baskin Robbins in Provo from the Glenwood.) That was a good cake.

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