Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think I just lost 5 lbs...

Problem is, I didn't need to lose 5 pounds!

My abdominal muscles are reminding me of the workout they received yesterday from heaving. Blech. I'm keeping myself on a liquid diet until my gut feels more settled. Jonathan came home early yesterday to watch kiddos so I could lie down in bed. I felt better when the fever broke, but still pretty shaky.

Poor Isaac is sick too. Fortunately it's not a GI virus, those always seem more nerve wracking because you're worried about whether they're getting enough fluid in to make up for what they are losing. Isaac has some sort of upper respiratory virus. He's congested, running a low fever off and on and just feels miserable. This makes for long nights. Jon and I gave up around 4 AM and just watched an episode of Psych while cradling a NOT sleepy Isaac. He conked out by the end of the show and we all went back to bed. Thank goodness for netflix!

Here's hoping that today is a better day...

Update: Fever is back and feeling like crud again. No one wants to nap 'cept me. Looking forward to when Jonathan gets home this evening.

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Jenny Updike said...

Sounds like you are having as much fun as we are. I hope you start feeling better soon. When Mom is sick there are no sick days aloud, unfortunately!