Monday, August 08, 2011

Isaac is 3!

He was born on lucky 08/08/08.

His birth was lovely, at home, and uncomplicated.  But within the first week things got interesting.  
After 2 weeks in the NICU and a diagnosis of a rare form of diabetes called neonatal diabetes we took him home again with a glucometer, insulin, and a rudimentary understanding of diabetes.  Through it all we truly felt we were watched over by angels.  I really believe that prayers were answered and though it was challenging (very challenging at times) we were so blessed. 

Two months later, to our surprise, he was completely off of insulin.  He apparently had the transient form of the disease. 

What an interesting start to life, Isaac!

He has been free of any symptoms of diabetes ever since, and we hope that he remains strong and healthy.

Isaac was an easy and happy baby.  The twos, one the other hand, have been tumultuous.  He is a determined little guy, bright, and into everything.  He has a short fuse and quick temper, but is just as quick to forgive.  He has a good understanding of English and French, but still doesn't talk much (the plan is to start speech therapy soon).  Isaac is wonderfully affectionate and loves to cuddle, kiss, and give hugs.  He is a gentle big brother to Corinna and likes to help with her.  He also wants to be big, just like Matthew and Melissa, and copies the things that they do.  Matthew and Isaac are especially close and share a brotherly bond which is beautiful to see.  Most of the time they get along very well.  Sometimes Isaac can be completely and totally exasperating and yet he is so easy to love.

(Pictures from the park today.)

Isaac, my little Pumpkin, I love you and enjoy being your mother.  Can't wait to see what interesting and wonderful things you will do in the future. 

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