Saturday, August 13, 2011

Easy baby

So far Corinna is by and away the most mellow and easy Ellis baby.  She's rarely fussy, and while she prefers to be held most of the time she doesn't mind being placed on the floor to bat at her toys or rock in her swing. 

Best of all this child is a great sleeper, at least during the night.  At one month she would sleep for 4 to 5 hours at a time before waking to eat.  During the past few weeks she goes to sleep for the night around 11 and wakes up about 7!  This is unprecedented among Ellis children!  About half the time she does wake up to eat once in the night, but on nights she didn't I'd wake up with two huge, tight boulders on my chest.  More recently my body has adjusted and my breasts aren't so full and uncomfortable in the morning.  When she does wake up, she eats, and eats, and EATS off and on for the first few hours. 

I don't have any secrets or tricks, this is just her nature.  Matthew was an intense and challenging baby; Corinna is a happy and easy baby.  Melissa and Isaac fell between the two extremes.  (Though Isaac was fairly easy too).  As far as sleeping goes, she rests best when swaddled but that doesn't account for everything.  I think it is just further proof that these small people arrive with their personalities, sleep schedules, and natures already determined.  All we can do is love and parent them the best we can. 

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Telitha said...

amazing!! She is so cute under that fan:)