Friday, August 05, 2011

Goodbye Old House

Thursday July 28th  
Packed up, locked up and ready to go.

Melissa was having a tough morning.  She didn't rest well the night before and was grumpy.  About everything

We are really, really going to miss San Antonio.  It's a great city, and we've made dear friends.  I wasn't too sentimental about leaving the house initially though.  I was much more nostalgic about our home in Utah because I'd put in so much work into the house and yard and made it mine.  Plus Isaac was born there.

So I wasn't too sad about the house itself....until Corinna was born. 

It seems to me that the places people are born and places people die are sacred.  That house will always have a place in my heart as the birthplace of Corinna.  I liked being able to touch the walls and walk through the bedroom remembering.  I will miss that.

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