Saturday, August 13, 2011

July Peanuts

  • Rachel: "Were you aware that our son can now open the freezer door, climb to the top shelf, and he's just helped himself to 2 popsicles?" Me: "I didn't hear anything!"
  • Isaac has graduated from unnecessary bandaids for tiny ows, to unnecessary bandaids to discourage him from picking the scabs off tiny ows.
  • TV bulb burned out (with an impressive POP! that freaked Matthew out). Slightly chagrined that replacements are only $75: I won't be able to use this as an excuse to get a new, full-HDTV.
  • Upstairs thermostat is set to 78 degrees because the AC unit keeps dying when it's set lower. Melissa's face glistens with sweat and she complains, "I'm freezing." Good grief, at least put some effort into plausibility if you're making up things to whine about.
  • Melissa peed her pants, but somehow it's _my_ fault. She is going to be one interesting teen.
  • Me: "Wow, you're already on page 97? Did you just start that book an hour ago?" Matthew: "No. I'm on page 96." I'll be glad when he outgrows pedantry for its own sake.
  • Melissa: "We never did this [writing] at school!" Rachel: "That's the problem."
  • Highly amused to see Rachel's high school French teacher talk to her on facebook. In French, of course.
  • Cartoon prince to cartoon girl: "Will you marry me, and be my princess?" Melissa: "Yes!"
  • At cub scout camp the kids are making hovercrafts out of compact discs. Not something that would have been an option when I was that age...
  • Rachel: "Why is four so much harder than three?" Funny, I remember thinking the same thing when we had a third.
  • Blessed Corinna on the 25th in church. She yelled as soon as I started, and quieted down when I stopped. The bishop took the stand afterwards to reminisce about how his oldest did the same thing 30-odd years ago.
  • Melissa came to walmart barefoot. I guess it's my fault — I told her, "Get in the car" three times but "Put your shoes on only twice.
  • Rachel: "You fed them _mini donuts_ for breakfast?" Me: "Hey, I made them eat muffins first!"

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